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tv   [untitled]    September 29, 2011 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> we are all here today to be pardon of the signing of a bill that is going to put $40 million a year available for doing the infrastructure, fixing up everything so san francisco can take the lead in the world cup race and make it great. what a great place. [applause] what the bill does is make money available, cuts the red tape and streamlines the process. i am not going to tell you how it does it, because you wouldn't want to know. it cuts out things that would block things. if you need anything done, you need a bill, get me to sign it, and then you get it done. that is what is going to happen. bring the bill up, i will get it done, and we can start getting the money flowing. [applause]
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>> we get to witness this. >> you are witnesses. who started this whole thing? is this your thing, gavin, or was this willie? >> gavin started it. >> ok. you get the pen. >> i want to introduce our speaker, john perez. nothing happens in sacramento unless john says ok. he has been a powerful speaker, a great parter and a wonderful servant for the people of california. john perez. [applause] >> thank you, governor. i am the token non-mayor on the stage today. [laughter] it is great to be here with the governor as he signs this important piece of legislation into law.
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this is a crucial step in ensuring that we bring america's cup to san francisco. it is a prestigious event that will not only bring turrists and revenues to california, but will also add to the espirit did he corps to california. with some of the most beautiful coastlines in the united states, california is the natural home for the america's cup, and our state will be proud to host this event. i am proud of the work of my colleague, who brought this legislation forward, and i want to thank him for his efforts even though he couldn't be with us this afternoon. california together is rebuilding from a recession in ways large and small, and this event is part of that effort. we are deeply proud of our state, and we are honored to host the america's cup to add a touch more glamour and excitement to a city that has so much of that to offer. now i would like to bring up the wonderful mayor of the city
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and county of san francisco, mayor ed lee. [applause] >> thank you, speaker perez, and governor, thank you very much for that swift do-good action. i want to just acknowledge there are so many people here today that have been so much a part of this. first and foremost i am going to thank my predecessor. gavin, i know how hard you worked on this and the pressure we were under for meeting all the time frames, and the people you had to pull together and the work you had to do with the board to get this agreement and get us moving on it. i want thank you very much. it is getting bigger every time we work on it. i know everybody here from the governor on down, we are working hard to make sure this is successful. from the event authority, from the work is that going on and the organizing committee, from our friend in the community. i know sofia is working hard
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with our communities to link them all up in the subcommittees, to the rest of our sprrs. supervisor mirkarimi: and ross mirkarimi and david chiu are here. we are putting our head to go in putting together this agreement. we have to prove there is going to be an increased economic activity as a result of this event, and there will be. there is going to be over $1 billion of economic activity. 8,800 new jobs, 700 of them for construction alone. that is the kind of economic activity that is going to be here. it is not just a great boating activity. all of the labor people here know it is going to be a great economic boost. the port knows that, the city knows that. our office of economic development knows that. that is why we are all here
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together. we want to make sure we do everything right. by the end of the year, people like ed risk and john and the planning commission will have the finley draft done. we are moving forward to make sure all of this gets put in place. i want to let you know that i am grateful. lieutenant grateful, willie brown, speaker perez, and i am very grateful, governor, for you signing this, because we do need that economic stimulus. this is our own stimulus. to do something for ourselves, for our region, for our city and ultimately for our state. we've got to pull ourselves together for this event and show the rest of the world we do it right here. we begin around in november. did you know that america's cup, the races actually start in san diego in november? i'm looking forward to it because on november 9th, i am going to jump on that boat in san diego. thank you very much, everybody,
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no coming together. [applause] >> i will fill the void. i saw a mic. i don't see these very often these days. [laughter] let me welcome all of you back here. we have had many events, and it is wonderful to see everybody. i want to pay respects to mayor lee and his outstanding team he has organized. his challenge is evident, implementation. it is one thing to set something up, have the agreements, have the announcement with larry ellison and the team itself, but it is another to actually implement it and make it real. he is doing an outstanding job in partnership with outstanding leaders here, no one more important than mark. he has put a public face on it and created a public interface between city hall and the citizens of san francisco that need to step in and help support our general fund by off
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setting some of the costs associated with putting it together. i see lucy, who is one of the first people we called after i called willie brown. the first thing you have to do is call willie brown to make sure are you are on the right path. he committed himself and understood immediately what this would mean for our state. i am very proud of his effort behind the scenes to steward this bill along with so many others that are here. i congratulate you for your hard work in getting this bill on the desk. we thank the governor for signing the bill and doing it here in san francisco and highlighting again what is at stake. let me very briefly remind you what is at stake. we are in a state with close to 2.2 million people that are unemployed. second highest unemployment in the united states.
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if you look at the june numbers, we have counties in this state, 21 of them with unemployment norton of 15%. in imperial county, their unemployment went to 30.%. that is staggering. that is within our own state. that is not some place outside the border borders. that is the border of california. just like washington, d.c. doesn't create jobs. it is regions and city. you have to have a mac row economic strategy and a micro economic strategy. in so many way, what we are sell brating here today is that kind of -- celebrating that kind of economic stimulus. actually, the $1 billion number in economic activity is modest. we want a baseline raw not overstated report. that report is important to
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look at. i keep reading this $1.2 billion figure. that was not in the report. this was a minimum of $1.3 almost $1.4 billion in this city and region. but $1.8 billion across the state and country. not just the 8,800 jobs in this city and region, but close to 12,000 jobs across our country. those are real numbers because the america's cup has been vetted in the past. they have done post economic analysis of what other host cities have generated, and in every case they noted that their projections initially understated the ultimate realities of the race. so i have great confidence and expectations. not only are we going to see more of this activity out on the bay behind me, which has gotten more of your attention than my words, but also we are going to start seeing the region come together in a way the region needs to come
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together across the collective effort, organizing around this bid. i will just say one final thing. one of the great things about an effort like this is that everyone raising their game. so you have the direct benefit of the work we are going to be doing on the pier and port, but it is the other things we are doing, dusting off old plans that are now interesting again. even the folks at caltrans recognize they have a project they have to complete behind us by 2013 and put emphasis on making sure they hit their declines as well because they want -- their declines as well, because they want to showcase that to the world. when you know all eyes are going to descend upon you, and hundreds of thousands of people are going to come in. those kinds of things go go to spirit and pride. it is that new sense of spirit and pride that define this
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effort and all the great work we are doing. i am grateful for this important moment and thankful to all of you that really were the inspiration and the driving force behind this effort in the first place. thank you. [applause] >> it is my great honor to introduce to you mayor brown. [laughter] >> governor, mr. mayor, lieutenant governor, and mr. speaker, it was almost 30 years ago, i believe, when somebody first said something to me about the america's cup. it was somebody related to lucy
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. and it was because san francisco and the san francisco yacht club was going to sponsor a team. i had no idea what they were talking about, but i was speaker, and i couldn't admit that, and i paid close attention. because you see, instantly san diego stepped up, and dennis connors and his crowd really began to make the evidence of the america's cup totally and completely a reality and to make it possible. it obviously was a great success. the state of california governor participated in that effort as well. so when mayor newsom called me and said we want to do something about making sure we get a real shot at the america's cup, and i want your involvement, i said what is it going to cost me. he said you don't worry about the cost. mark burel will pay for it.
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and i of course will volunteer any time mark is picking up the tab. so i became a part of that effort. it really is, as mayor newsom and the other speakers before me have so generously indicated, it is going to be a real shot in the arm for the series of economic development activities over the next three years or more. if that was not a reality, jim wouldn't be here. there is no way he would bostonner to show up unless it was regional in every respect. he has abandon the city in terms of exclusivity. he is greater than that. and i am delighted to see that happen. i saw will travis out there. he reminded me that he defeated me once on something i wanted to do. i wanted to make a new airport
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runway. i know that alarms some people, but you wouldn't have a problem if you had done it. but he stopped it. but it has and it is a real spirit, and the business of making sure it happens. it works only because from the governor's leadership through the entire power operations in sacramento, to the local under ed lee, the process that david chiu and the board brings to bear, it is a reality. i can't wait to see those huge boats. those things that can't go under the golden gate bridge. newsom is credible with facts and numbers. the only one he missed was the size of the boat and whether or not it can go under the bridge at low tide or high tide. the masts are so great, there
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is going to be some real question about whether or not they can actually get you said the bridge at certain times of day. i am told by lucy and others who are very familiar this will be the first time that people will really be able to watch in real life, and in real time, and not just on television an america's cup race. i anticipate, and i think we all should anticipate, governor, lieutenant governor, mr. mayor, and mr. speaker, that this is not the only time san francisco will have it. we win it in 2013, and we keep it in perpetuity, and we keep on keeping it like it was one time kept on the east coast. that is the goal. because it then becomes an intimate part of the entire delivery system for all of california. i'm just delighted to be allowed to hang with mark and
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try to produce the resources that need to be done. i must tell you that my word are on behalf of a whole host of other people who follow mark's leadership. and in conversations with diane feinstein, she wanted you to know that she is equally as involved and as committed as any of us who are on the stage. thank you. [applause] >> i think that ends the program. we have heard a definitive statement of where we are going. i think it is great, and i think we can keep it in perpetuity as long as we keep these political leaders in perpetuity. thank you. [applause]
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>> i think it ae's public and private property. i'm against graffiti. >> who can get it out the most who can be noticed the most. >> i i've seen seniors doing graffiti. >> the city is art, other people who have their names tag -- >> [inaudible] our unit there are 2 sections we are doing one is abating and others are notice of violation to private
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property. all the utility boxes in public right-of-way we abate. >> we abate calls that come within 48 hours. >> we are a small group in g f graffiti. we don't have enough help. >> i have a group in town down and china town and the north tunnel. [inaudible] the graffiti we abate everything is coming up to the areas now. >> i'm willing to take it on. i think -- >> you are telling me you are ready for this? >> i think so. >> okay. >> there you go. >> all right. >> all right. >> ready to do it. let's go. >> want to get the gray signses this over here and the garbage
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can and normally we don't do private property since it's on the corridor route you can come with me we will use black. >> we had a lot of changes in the graffiti unit. we do private property if someone moved we remove it and send it to the attorney's office and they take appropriate action. >> damage their property there. it's important to write the color in case they want to say what part of our house you abated the graffiti on. >> using your safety glasses the gloves. >> you got it. >> you know some places we gashi,
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people appreciate that. you know, a lot of timeses they say, thank you. >> the time where it's visible. a lot of people put it on the ground. >> i like when tourists come and say, you do this for your city and you get paid for that? >> we use the [inaudible] for the holes and the retaining walls. [inaudible]. white on the fire hydrants. fire box red for the fire boxes. our brown for the pg and e
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poles. >> we are not painters we do our best. >> i'm assuming it has to do with gang activity. >> if it's territorial i mind. >> in case it's gang related and they are marking our territory i would like to paint it over. >> anything with numbers like x iv or x 13 west side mob and the bay view those are gang related. with gang related or profanity we will abait it as soon as possible. >> i consider it an art. there are circles of people that form around it whether or not they should ruin public property. >> this is art work i'm for it.
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unless it's on someone's property and they don't want it there. judge kids with silver paint expressing their ego needs doesn't belong on our property. >> graffiti is when you don't have permission to write anything on their property. >> eighth street is part of your regular rout? >> yes. >> everyday. >> eighth street. divisidero street. irving street. every block they going through they paint 3 or 4 streets in the block the poles the utility boxes, mailbox. >> thank you. >> okay. >> put the drop cloth. come on around. >> there


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